Wyrm Lore

Wyrm Lore 1
There is a Triat of forces in this universe. One is a force of creation, one of organization. The Wyrm is the force of destruction and corruption. The Wyrm is often conceived of as a great worm, ever digging around changing the old into building blocks for the new. The Wyrm is present wherever there is great devastation and corruption, but more so now where there is what is commonly called "evil" by the general populace. Without the Wyrm, everything would be the same forever. The Wyrm destroys or changes all it comes in contact with. Places and things touched by the Wyrm need to be cleansed or else they will spread corruption. You are aware of common Basic Black Spiral Dancer Gifts, Charms used by Gaggling and Jaffling Banes, and typical Fomori powers.

Wyrm Lore 2
The Wyrm was a force for balance and was doing its job in the era before time, but now it has shifted in purpose and is more bent on defilement and corruption than entropic destruction. How this happened is unclear. The Wyrm is caught in the Webs of the Weaver. In it's thrashing about, it has been split into several parts. One is the Eater of Souls, another the Beast of War, another is the Defiler Wyrm.
You know that there is a difference between being Tainted and being 'of the Wyrm.' You know about the Realms of Malpheas, Scar and Atrocity. You know some of what goes on there. You are not sure how to get there, and you do not necessarily know how to get out of those Realms, unless you had done so before. You know how to identify a common Umbral Blight or Hellhole domain. You are aware of a variety of Black Spiral Dancer Gifts and Totems, and a variety of Fomori. You are aware of the Black Spiral Rite of Transmogrification.

Wyrm Lore 3
There is a rumor of a place out there that holds the key to freeing the Wyrm (granted some of these rumors are contradictory). You know of a few Black Spiral Rites (unless you are a Black Spiral, in which case you know of just about all Black Spiral Rites). You know how to consistently locate paths to Near Realms such as Abyss, Malfeas, Scar and Atrocity. You know that the Black Spiral Dancers were once the White Howlers and that Nexus Crawlers were once of the Wyld, but were corrupted. You know the Black Spiral Litany.

Wyrm Lore 4
The Urge Wyrms grin as you know their names and they know yours.
You know how to sniff out Anchorheads and can take one apart with enough time and effort. Banes tell you things sometimes. Sometimes they are even true. You are familiar with the general locations of some of the more famous or powerful places of the Wyrm. You know where this pre-fall Wyrm is. You can reliably contact minions of the Wyrm; they likely seek you out.

Wyrm Lore 5
The Wyrm does not care. You belong to it now. You also are in constant danger of being found out as a Wyrm scholar as Banes, BSDs and Fomori know your name and seek you out as a prophet of sorts. You are often given directives from powerful minions of the Wyrm and will be possessed if you do not follow through. You can tell where an Anchorhead goes without stepping through. You know the names of the Urges and their lieutenants. There is no stopping the Wyrm. It might be healed, but can never be destroyed. You know about many of the plans of the Wyrm and its minions

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