Wyld Lore

Wyld Lore 1
There is a Triat of forces in this universe. One is a force of structure, one of destruction. The Wyld is the primordial force of creation. The Wyld is not generally often conceived of with a consistent form. The Wyld is present wherever there is great creativity and untouched wilderness. It is represented by chaos, creation and change. Without the Wyld, nothing would exist, or at least there would be nothing new, including births. The Wyld alters all it comes in contact with and creates raw patterns out of nothing. You are aware of common Charms used by Gaggling and Jaffling Wyld Spirits. You know that Wyldlings are the most unpredictable spirits a Garou is likely to meet.

Wyld Lore 2
The Wyld has always done its job and it not greatly involved in the triatic conflict, however it is losing the conflict even without its active participation and its very nature makes it to chaotic to be concerned. You know about the Flux Realm and what happened to it. You likely have some understanding and familiarity with the Dream Zone. You know how to identify a common Umbral Wyld domain such as a Wyldings, Glens or Chimare. You are aware of a variety of Wyld oriented Gifts and you have heard of Gorgons and Changelings.

Wyld Lore 3
You know that there is a difference between being Tainted and being 'of the Wyld.' You know how to consistently locate paths to Wyld oriented Sub Realms. You have a good understand of common Wyld spirits and can generally identify them by sight. You have likely encountered Gorgons, Changelings and Chimera.

Wyld Lore 4
You are driven by Chaos and have a hard time focusing on anythingmore long term than a day. You are even losing a grasp of the concept of "self". You have an instinctual dislike for the Weaver and will seek to spread chaos and destruction to counter it. Wyld spirits often approach you both to provide assistance as well as to provide you with direction. You are familiar with the general locations of some of the more famous or powerful places of the Wyld. You are aware that the Wyld is also out of balance; it fears its demise and the end of creation, it lashes out in its frustration.

Wyld Lore 5
You cannot act towards any purpose that would take more than a few minutes to complete. You still have a survival instinct, but you lack desire or direction. You have no sense of self. You are often given instinctual motivations from powerful minions of the Wyld and will be possessed if you do not follow through, not like you much if any free will at this point. There is no stopping the Wyld. It might be healed, but can never bedestroyed. You know about many of the plans of the Wyld and its minions (desperate survival).

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