Weaver Lore

Weaver Lore 1
There is a Triat of forces in this universe. One is a force of creation, one of destruction. The Weaver is the force of all encompassing order and assimilation. The Weaver is the Namer. The Weaver is often conceived of as a great insect, ever weaving, building and binding the patterns of the Universe, it endeavors to make the Tellurian uniform.
The Weaver is present wherever there is great technology and order. It is represented by bureaucracy, banality and structure. Generally the Weaver influenced everything created by humans, and humans are the Weavers greatest tools. Without the Weaver, everything would be in complete chaos and unstructured. The Weaver alters all it comes in contact with and builds from that raw material. You are aware of common Charms used by Gaggling and Jaffling Weaver Spirits, and you may have heard of Drones.

Weaver Lore 2
The Weaver was a force for structure and was doing it's job in the era before time, but now it has shifted in purpose and is more bent on consuming everything in its calcifying webs, so that nothing can ever be destroyed. How this happened is unclear. You know that there is a difference between being Tainted and being 'of the Weaver. You know about the CyberRealm and may be familiar with The Scar and Atrocity Realms. You know some of what goes on there. You are not sure how to get there, and you do not necessarily know how to get out of those Realms, unless you had done so before. You know the Weaver created the Gauntlet that separates the physical world from the Umbra. You know how to identify a common Umbral Web domain. You are aware of a variety of Weaver oriented Gifts and Weaver oriented Totems, and you have likely encountered Drones. You have likely heard the One Song at least once.

Weaver Lore 3
You know how to consistently locate paths to The Cyber Realm, and Weaver oriented Sub Realms such as the Television Realm. You have a good understand of common Weaver spirits and can generally identify them by sight.

Weaver Lore 4
You hear the One Song and it gives you purpose and a sense of unity. Weaver spirits often approach you both to provide assistance as well as to provide you with direction. You are familiar with the general locations of some of the more famous or powerful places of the Weaver.

Weaver Lore 5
There is no stopping the Weaver. It might be healed, but can never be destroyed. You know about many of the plans of the Weaver and its minions (to encompass and define everything within its Pattern Web)

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