Tristian Myers Morningkill

Name Tristian Myers Morningkill


Tribe Silver Fang

House WyrmFoe

Rank Kin


Notable Traits Very high pure breed. Mistaken Identity (James Marsters). Friendly Face, Natural Leader, and Soothing Voice.

==Information known to the Nation==

*Bought the plantation from the City of Williamsburg two years ago.

*Raises horses on the land.

*Few have seen him.

Kin / family

Father: Tristian Myers Morningkill the Third, Stands the High Ground, Heralds the Path, Slays the Dancer, Thirsts for Tradition, Athro Galliard of House Wyrmfoe

Mate: Mirela Morningkill

Rites and Chalenges


== Rumors ==

*Prizes his horses far above anything else.

*Has designs on the City of Williamsburg.

*Has been known to rub shoulders with some of Williamsburgs elite.

*Is wicked with a bow and makes a killer souffle.

*Though he may seem cold or condescending he is a perfect gentleman.

*Prefers to leave the Garou to the work of the Garou and himself to the mundane.

*Supposedly a new filly has been taking a good deal of his time away from his horses.

== Quotes ==

Deadly Handsome Man- David Bowie

Electric Blue Eyes - Cranberries

The Tudors Main Title Theme

Don't You Wanna Feel - Rogue Traders

Paralyzer - Finger Eleven

Cos My Clique Is - The Gambit

Take Your Pleasure - Melanie C

Blood and Chocolate

Dance With the Wolves - Ruslana

Wild Dances - Ruslana

Sharp Dressed Men - Nickleback cover of ZZ Top

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