Tribal Lore

First, if you are not of a specific tribe and have their lore, you need +2 to your ability to know what someone of the tribe knows. IE, what on this list is stated as level 1, you need level 3 to know if you're not of their tribe. You get 1 dot Tribal Lore for free if you're Garou, Gurahl or Bastet, assuming you don't have the Twisted Upbringing flaw. If you're kinfolk, you may buy it with Freebies or XP, assuming it's in your breed (ie, Silver Fang Kinfolk can buy Glass Walker Lore, but not Pumonca Lore (would be Bastet Lore)). They count as to be of the Tribe that they belong to, so a Black Fury kinfolk would with BF Lore 1 know as much as a True Born Fury with BF Lore 1. Also… I'm well aware that the list below is very twisted to be Garou, but the fact is that it's Werewolf: the Apocalypse, and I know Garou the best. it's still applicable, though.
Black Spiral Dancers get a free dot in BSD Lore, which counts as a specific ability, since Wyrm Lore covers the rest of the Wyrm's creatures, not only the Black Spiral Dancers.

* Student: You know about the most common camps, of all tribal rites and what view the Tribe has on the Litany, on other Tribes (if differing from the Core Book view) and other sterotypes mentioned in the Tribe Book. You yawned through history classes, so know the basics, including the tribe's role in the Impergium.
o College: You know more details about the common camps, you know which gifts they might teach, what rites they have access to etc. You know that Fera existed, and know what role the tribe played in the War of Rage.
+ Masters: You know of most of the camps, even the more secretive ones, all though you don't necessarily know much details about them. You know a lot of the history of the tribe, and know about any Fera that the tribe has contact with, either as allies or enemies.
# Doctorate: With this much knowledge about the Tribe, you know of most gifts within the tribe, even if they belong to a more secretive camp, the same with rites. You know about most of the history, the tribe's involvement in major things in history, and any darker secrets in the tribe. You start to wonder how accurate your tribe's view of history really is.
* Scholar: The elders respect your knowledge, and you are inducted into all the secrets of your tribe. The Ancestors come to you for information about the tribe, and you're welcome to any sept with the tribe in, to share your information. Some of the things you know are thought to be lost.

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