Saoirse Devine

Player: Mandy or Kitty_OoC

Aliases: Cher

Creature Type: Garou
Tribe: Fianna
Breed: Homid
Auspice: ?
Rank: Cub

Notable Traits

* She has 5 appearance traits
* She has a decent about of Fianna blood in her
* Light on her feet


Basic Description:
Saoirse is a lean figure of a woman who stands 5'5" and beautiful nonetheless with her soft, fair skin tone. Her soft, sea green eyes are framed by locks of fiery ribbons of red hair that flows down past her shoulders.

Everyday Outfit:
Saoirse tends to wear the clothing that fits her mood. She's usually in a simple, dark colored dress that comes to her knees with a pair of strappy sandal heels at her feet.


* Conor Devine - Father, Adren Fianna Theurge known to the nation as "Drinks with Spirits, Never Spills a Drop" at the Sept of the Sacred Heart in Dublin, Ireland
* Cordelia Devine - Mother, Fianna Kinfolk (Deceased)
* Meari O'Malley - Cousin, Fianna Kinfolk
* James Patrick - Boyfriend, Fianna Kinfolk
* Mackenzie "Kenzie" Patrick, daughter born August 1st, almost a week overdue.


Common Knowledge

* Shifted in early November after seeing her cousin bound and hovered over by doctors in a basement of a hospital. She had traveled with James to go after with Proinsias, Kirrell, and Forgets.


* Seems to have a fondness for Rordan in the late summer
* Has threatened James with a cast iron fry pan lately..


Find out IC… she might talk about stuff…

IC Contact Info

Calling her is the best way to get her.

moc.liamg|nekasrof.erup#enohplleC reH

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