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Rordan MacFinn, Beats the Path, Sways the Fae









Notable Traits

Rordan stands six feet two inches with fiery red hair that matches his fiery passion for life, his striking green eyes seem to sink straight into your soul and his seductive smile draws people to him in a magnetic manner. His enchanting voice has a light Irish brogue to it. (6 apps, enchanting voice, Fianna PB 3, Fame 1 Folkmusician) He has a good deal of tattoos however few of them can be seen due to the long sleeves and jeans he typically wears.


None currently.

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family

Mother is Brigid MacFinn, Stags Sworn, Collects Heads, Rains Blood, Champions Eire, Homid Athro Ahroun of the Fianna.
He has a good deal of family that is wide spread, though many are in Ireland.

Rites and Chalenges


==Common Knowledge==

Raydon is a musician that is well known within the folk music circles and is known to sway humans, garou, and even fae to what he would have them do with the simplest song or beat on his bodhran.

He is a member of the Tuatha de Fionn, and as such has often been used as a point of blame for both garou and fae when they have a bone to pick with the other, although he is far more useful in diplomatic measures with both.

== Rumors ==

Rordan has a beautiful voice, just be careful not to be lulled into whatever he is scheming.

He has a passion for life that is rather typical for most of his tribe.

It's very difficult to get on his bad side, but once there it's difficult to get off of it.

Is a kind and benevolent individual… unfortunately this has gotten him into more then one sticky situation.

Has been spending a lot of time at the Beach, some say he's trying to learn how to have gills and fins, rather then claw and fur.

== Quotes ==

"I danced for the fae all beside the sea, they would dance but they would not follow me…. No that doesn' sound right…" - Rordan filking.

"Rordan? Yeah… great singer… but if you want to hold onto your woman keep her far far away from him…" - Unknown

==Character History==

"Conceived on the fairest night that the Fianna know… Beltain… none know who his father is… some say he was a great fighter from the IRA but those would only be foolish men who don't remember the pain that The Troubles caused to all of Ireland… Nae… we don' know who his father was… but we know that he must have been a great musician because little of the skill lies in his mother who though well known for her skill in battle was never one who took to music… His rearing in Ireland and then being fostered to the sept in Boston when he was in his early teens. We know he shifted there when he was heckled for his music one night (a few years after the move)… thankfully it was a kin run bar and the trouble that could have been caused was swept under the rug as long as the kin's cousin became his manager.. which has done wonders both for Rory and for the manager… Rordan quickly went through his time as a cub and was able to paint a beautiful story of Boston's sept for the residents proving his memory and skill as a historian. Rordan was mentored then into the Tuatha de Fionn and Rordan has over the last couple years learned the trade of a skilled diplomat. Both at his mentor and his managers insistence Rordan picked up and began to tour making a name for himself as a musician outside of the veil and within the veil as a diplomat that any sept would be glad to have."

== Character Inspiration and Soundtrack==

Omnia Elven Lover

Omnia Alive

Sinead O'Conner and The Chieftains The Foggy Dew

The Corrs and The Chieftains I Know My Love

Celtic Woman At the Ceili

The High Kings The Irish Pub

The High Kings Wild Rover

The Dubliners Song For Ireland

Wylde Nept Bewitchin' Brenda

Wylde Nept The Old Green Gown

The Corrs Toss the Feathers

Loreena Mckennit Beltane Fire

Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs Little Red Riding Hood

Ruslana Dance With the Wolves

Celtic Thunder Brothers In Arms

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