Nh Quotes

Here are some memorable Quotes made from either players or thier characters. Players are free to add.. others. enjoy!!

The Peanut Gallery:)


<Fukiko> whatcha been up to Oni?
<Damin> What Onis are usually up to.
<Fukiko> hmmmmm……. Trouble.

<Fukiko> Ususly clean up crew requires a bit of slight of hand smirks
Damin lets out a little bark of laughter and nods.
<Damin> Indeed, *waves his hand* this isn't the mess you are looking for.
<Fukiko> Exactly.

<@Meari> wouldn't be the first fuzzy butt i've seen
<SgtSommerville{NlAm}> My butts not fuzzy
<SgtSommerville{NlAm}> But fuck it!

  • @Meari smirks

<@Meari> But you are a fuzzy ball of death when pissed

  • SgtSommerville{NlAm} strips down to his superman boxers and shifts to his lupus. He wiggles out of his underpants and runs like a silverstreak into the water as a big molotted wolf
  • SgtSommerville{NlAm} is now known as Sgt_lupus

<@Meari> SEEEEEEE Fuzzy buttt!!!

* Marek[SL2] pauses for a long moment. "You're a good sort, Meari. Lemme
'splain something to ya. If a Shadow Lord ever has a soft spot, never tell me.
Or any other Shadow Lord for that matter. It will always make their lives har
<SgtSommerville> Oooo
* @Meari laughs
<@Meari> you mean like your ringtone of doom?

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