Name: Neela Kincaid


Tribe: Fianna

Rank: Kinfolk

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits

  • 5'9"
  • 130 pounds
  • Surreal Quality Flaw
  • Pure Breed 4 Fianna
  • Pointy Elf ears
  • Silvery, Iridescent eyes
  • Wild mane of brown-black, wavy long hair
  • Wears Glasses or Contacts
  • Cute girl (gorgeous x3)
  • Fame 3 local Chef and Brew master
  • Owner of Hyperions, a very popular nightclub

Information known to the Nation

  • Bachelor's degree in Linguistic Anthropology, Ancient Semitic Languages
  • Master's degree in Linguistic Anthropology, Ancient Semitic languages
  • Master Brewer and 5 Star Chef
  • Fae Kinain

Kin / family

  • Father: Garou named Gaius Kincaid. Rank: Athro. Auspice: Galliard
  • Step Mother: Bethany McTyrnan Kincaid, Fianna kinfolk. Master Brewer
  • Michah: 22, Kin
  • Kyle: 19, kin
  • Stephanie: 14, arhoun cub
  • Mother is Oenone, a Satyr Married to a Troll named Hyperion
  • Persephone: 24, Kinain
  • Jana: 15, Normal human

Common Knowledge

  • Neela is an amazing chef
  • Neela is also an amazing Master Brewer
  • Known to be shy but polite
  • Loves to sing and loves music


  • Rordan MacFinn has been seen spending a lot of time at her cabin of late.


Known Character History

  • Went to college at UW in Seattle area.
  • Attended Cooking school in France
  • Has owned Hyperion's for 3 years.

Character Inspiration and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Player: Jennifer

Location: Birmingham, AL

Contact info: IRC

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