Mykle Kulikovsky

Name Mykle Kulikovsky

Deed names Secures the Regime, Last man Standing, Endures the Blinding Rage

Tribe Silver Fang silverfang


Rank Adren

Auspice Ahroun Ahroun

Breed Homid Homid

Notable Traits He has very pure breeding, he is known to be the near cousin of the High King. His left eye is scared and missing from a battle.


  • Jonas Albricht - High King of the Silver Fangs and the Nation.
  • Took Mirela Morningkill as his Mate.

Random Info

Age: 26
Firsted: 23

  • He was a Russian History proffesor at a University in upstate New York when he first shifted.
  • He was assinged to exicute Mickhail Gallentiev for numerous acts of dishonor.
  • He tracked down and slew Sergei Gallentiev, Mickhail's father, who had fallen to the Wyrm.
  • When his Mate Mirela shifted he took on the roll of den parent.

Kulikovski Manor


Holds the klaive's Perun and Mokosh.



*Courting the a Kin of House Cresent Moon, Mirela Alexia Devetzi.

  • Treads a fine line on the litney with his former mate, now student.


  • I belive I have been alone so long, aside from courtly manor, I would not know love if it was before me.

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Player: James Paddock aka Blacklic
Location: Ohio

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