Moriko Sato

Player: Mandy or Kitty_OoC

Aliases: Mori or Riko

Creature Type: Kinfolk


Notable Traits

- She is Alluring x2, Magnetic, and Seductive x2.



Moriko stands just a mere 5'2" in height with a slender form that comes from her Japanese heritage. She wears her long, dark hair loose about her with bans sweeping across her forehead lightly. She peers out to all curiously with her dark almond color eyes. She barely wears much of makeup other than a shade to her eyes, cheeks, and lips on the porcelain flesh of her skin.

She is typically within a simple dress, cinched at the waist, within the dark hues of the colors. She always has a sterling silver chain that carries a diamond shaped locket with the etching of a bamboo with a bird in flight on it. A picture or two is hidden within it.

Common Knowledge

  • She is a long way from home, from Tokyo, to handle with dealing with areas for her father's business as well as her passion for journalism.
  • About mid-november, she barely came close to being killed when her car exploded near Virgiana Beach while on a lunch date with Simon de la Torres, glasswalker kin.
  • Became engaged to a Shadowlord, Cyril, in mid December




  • Fukiko Parr- Sister
  • Identical Twin Sons- Born August 8/25/2011- Satoshi Julian and Takeshi Marcus

IC Contact Info

Calling her is the best way to get her.

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