Mirela Morningkill

Name Mirela Alexia Vedikova Devetzi Morningkill

Deed Names Walks the Hard Roads


Tribe Silver Fang, House Crescent Moon


Auspice Ragabash

Rank Claith

Breed Homid

Notable Traits Is young woman of 19 - 20 yrs 5' 10" with shoulder length dark brown hair and ice blue eyes. She has strong tribal breeding and a air of superiority to her.

Information known to the Nation

  • Firsted when a mugger and would be rapists shot her

Kin / family

  • Taken as mate by Tristian Myers
  • Vadik Devetzi, Knows the Old Blood, Honors Luna, Ice Reborn, Winds Rage, Athro Theurge her father
  • Nadia Kirillovna - Devetzi, Grand Duchess of the Russian court, her mother
  • Marcus Devetzi, Fostern Ragabash her older brother
  • Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich Romanov, her grandfather


  • Her mate Mickhail Gallentiev was executed by the High King for dishonor
  • Her former father-in-law Sergei Gallentievwants to kill her
  • She a cold heartless bitch.. pure Silver Fang.
  • Being Courted by the High King's cousin Mykle Kulikovsky, even inspite of recent events.
  • Her Mate Mykle has gone absent for some time, called away on a quest.
  • Tristian Myers has taken her for his Mate in Mykle's prolonged absence.
  • Pregnant and due sometime in summer.
  • Died in child birth

Random Info

She has estates in Moscow and Ryazan Russia.
When her Mate was exicuted she inheirited land in California.

Kulikovski Manor


  • I'm sure he enjoyed you… Mirela to Annie, Mickhail's girlfriend
  • Da, she is good at that…. Like all Vermin. (Mirela about Annie)
  • I am more then a @%^$ incubator.


Mirela's Playlist

Medeaval Baebes - Venit Carmine

Canacao do Mar

OOC Information

Player Maria McKinnon

Location Portsmouth, Va

Contact info moc.liamG|aillaiR#moc.liamG|aillaiR

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