Mickhail Gallentiev

Name - Mickhail Gallentiev
Tribe - Silver Fangs
Auspice - Philodox
Rank - Fostern
Breed - Homid
Notable Traits - Pure Breed 5, Fair Glabro, Huge Size, Solid Silver hair and Silver Eyes
Deed Names - Hits like a Hammer, Bringer of the Light
Pack -

==Information known to the Nation==

  • Mirela Alexia Devetzi Gallentiev of House Cressent Moon his wife

** Maevalyn his sister - Missing presumed Dead
** Annie, his consort who was kidnapped by spiral dancers

Rites and Challenges

** <Annie_>
let a doctor stick the big turkey baster of love in her (referring to Mirela)

** <Mickhail> Well Father was standing behind mom like he was keep trying to reach for her or something I don't know…..and she was grabbing the footboard as in pain and moaning….I think he really hurt her or something…and it seemed he was still trying to hurt her more I think

** Maevalyn shudders a bit

** The high king of the Silver Fangs had him assassinated for disgracing the Silver Fang Tribe


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