Meari O Malley

Name Meari Brianna O'Malley

Tribe Fianna

Rank Kin

Breed Homid

Notable Traits 5ft 6 in tall and 130 lbs soaking wet. Long bright red hair with blonde streaks, striking aqua green eyes, ears a shade tiped when you can see them. She has a cheerfull and optmistic personality.

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family

Rites and Chalenges


== Rumors ==

  • She speaks more languages then her young age should allow.
  • She's been seen playing the violin, the bodhran, flute, and traditional irish whistle.
  • She's mistaken as a strider kin from her preffered style of dancing being gothic tribal fusion
  • She owns a Pub named The WolfHound
  • Grandparents immegrated from Ireland during the Famine, they built The WolfHound Pub
  • She is dedicated to keeping her customers happy, at the same time the Wolfhound is a openly friendly toward garou. As a professional bartender Meari keeps her ears open for anything that would be of interest to her furry associates.
  • Handfasted to Proinsias Hannigan as his Mate for a year and a day on September 6th 2010

== Quotes ==

  • "as Irish as it gets without goin to the Emerald Ilse herself"
  • "Impulse control is a good thing, Fianna are notorious for having a shortage."
  • " The L Word? No.. No fury Lesbians here"

==Character Inspirations And Soundtrack==

==OOC Information==

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