"Do you know of the ancient scrolls of Desdras?"

Mortal Lores
Awakened Lore
Fae Lore
Ghoul lore
Ghost Lore
Infernal Lore
Werewolf Lore
Vampire Lore

Garou Lores:
Caern Lore
Garou Lore
Glyph Lore
Spririt Lore
Tribal Lore
Umbra Lore
Weaver Lore
Wyld Lore
Wyrm Lore

Fera Lore:
Ananasi Lore
Bastet Lore
Corax Lore
Gurahl Lore
Mokole Lore
Nuwisha Lore
Ratkin Lore
Rokea Lore

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