Konstantin Romanov

Name Konstantin Romanov

Tribe Silver Fangs

Rank Adren

Breed Homid

Notable Traits Konstantin Romanov stands at about six feet tall, with sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smooth handsome face. He has a wiry build usually covered up by high end suit and ties, and speaks with a smooth, accent neutral voice. He has a certain subtle primal look to him, and has all the typical marks of Silver Fang nobility. (App 3, Animal Magnetism)

Pack None

==Information known to the Nation==


  • Vladamir Romanov (deceased) - Athro Arhoun of House Wyrmfoe, Father
  • Sarah Rockefeller Romanov - Kin to House Wyrmfoe, Mother
  • Sophia Romanov - Kinfolk sister
  • Cordelia Stone - Mate
  • His lineage can be traced back, on his father's side, to Tzar Alexander II of Russia.

Rites and challenges

  • Ask him… he's a silver fang, and open to bragging


  • Recently returned from Russia, both with a higher rank and with an old-style European longsword.
  • Otherwise, ask him. He is open to bragging

==Common Knowledge==


  • He is extremely close to his younger sister.
  • The reason he is still single is he is gay
  • The reason he is still single is he is infertile or otherwise impotent
  • He had, at one point, an affair with a glasswalker kin.
  • He has an illegitimate bastard child (or multiple bastard children) with kinfolk of the lower tribes.
  • His actions are driven, in part, by an auditory schizophrenia he has suffered from since his first change
  • He was not born in New York, and is in the United States illegally
  • He is the stereotypical Fang, in that he has an ego the size of Montana and delusions of grandeur.


==Known Character History==

  • Born on a Silver Fang sept in rural New York.
  • Graduated with a double-major in Finance and Biology from Cornell
  • Saved a lost Child of Gaia kinfolk during his first change from a vampire attack
  • Gained renown in his youth for weeding out and killing dangerous pockets of formori
  • Went into a coma for a week leading a suicidal counterattack to slow down a spiral attack, ultimately helping save his sept from being overrun.
  • Was engaged to be mated twice, to two different women, but left them both times. (the second being Elizabeth Pendragon)
  • Ask for more details!

==Character Inspiration and Soundtrack==

==OOC Information==

Player Krispy

Location UMD

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