Bureaucracy 1-5
Church 1-5
Finance 1-5
Health 1-5
High Society 1-5
Polotical 1-5
Street 1-5
Transportation 1-5
Underworld 1-5
University 1-5

Increasing with XP
Yes influence levels 2-5 can be got with grow actions that must be sent in to the ST how many points of their influences they are going to put into growing along with how they are growing them. Note: That you only get on action per dot in any influence.

Military 1-5

Above Level 5
To get levels above 5 in any influence requires a great deal of work to get it to even one level above the next, and will require a great show of effect to get it and will be on a case to case issue to see if a character has earned it and is able to pay for it which is double the cost.

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