Ghoul Lore

Ghoul Lore
1. Curious

* You know that three drinks of a Vampires blood creates a bond, altering a normal human, causing them to become a Ghoul.
* You know that Ghoul's gain powers from this blood.
* You know Ghouls are the main way in which Vampires complete their day to day tasks
* You know that vitae is addictive, and bonds are forever

2. Stumbling Farther

* You now know that Ghoul's abilities are related to which Clan their master or mistress belongs too.
* You know that Ghouls develop the Disciplines of Potence, Celerity or Fortitude naturally
* You also know that Ghouls can heal in much the same way as Vampires.
* You have also learned that animals can be Ghouled, and when they are, they often increase in size and power.
* You know that Ghouls live as long as they have Blood to feed on, which they need to do every month.
* You know that a Ghoul ages to it's true age once deprived of this blood, and should it be older than it's years, it will die.

3. Point of No Return

* You know that Ghouls often take the weaknesses of their masters, also known as Domitors.
* You have heard of Sabbat Ghouls known as revenants
* You know that Ghouls can Frenzy just like their masters, but they need more provocation
* You know that some Ghouls, although fed from their Masters, do not suffer the Blood Bond and loyalty that usually goes with Ghouldom.
* You know that some ghouls have escaped their domitors

4. Downward Spiral

* You have learned much about Ghouls. You know that the Revenants of the Sabbat are not fed by their masters, as Camarilla Ghouls are, they seem to feed themselves.
* You know that Ghouls are more susceptible to madness and depression.
* Through further study, you have learned that the Tzimisce Clan have a number of Ghouls in their ranks crafted by their Discipline of Vicissitude.
* You understand a good deal about ghoul physiology, how they age, reproduce, and sublimate cravings
* You have also discovered that Ghouls can be made from other Supernatural races. Mages, Changelings and Garou can all be Ghouled.

5. Becoming

* You have learned much of the nature of Ghouls.
* You have learned that the servants shaped by Tzimisce are called Szlachta
* They also have mastered a ritual to create Ghouls of many bodies melded together. Vozhd
* You know that Revenant families are bred over centuries, so that Vampire blood is inborn to their number, and hence that's why they do not feed.
* You know the basic history of Ghouls throughout time, and know that more than a few major figures were servitors of Vampires.
* You have learned that the Bonding halts ageing in it's entirety, and hence, other Supernatural creatures bonded suffer greatly

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