Elizabeth Pendragon

Name Elizabeth Victoria Pendragon, House Austere Howl

Tribe Silver Fang

Rank Kin


Notable Traits

Elizabeth is 5”8’, willowy and lean. She is classic noble sculpted and defined features, with dark hair, creamy pale skin, and vivid blue eyes. She looks haughty and cold, but her disdain is beautiful. She is young, but confident – she lacks any of the adolescent body awareness issues, and holds herself with a noble, regal carriage. She dresses well in the highest fashions from Europe. She has Silver Fang pure-breed 5.

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family

==Common Knowledge==

  • She is well equipped with annoying habits. She is painfully demanding and spoiled. She expects most everyone to wait on her, and pacify her every wish. She is overly petulant, pouty and egocentric.
  • She appears to be somewhere between 15 and 17 in age.
  • She grew up somewhere very, very sheltered. She is uncomfortable around crinos and lupus.
  • She is very emotionally distant from her parents.



==Known Character History==

==Character Inspiration and Soundtrack==

==OOC Information==

Player Ria

Location Norfolk, VA

Contact info moc.liamG|aillaiR#moc.liamG|aillaiR

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