Donatello Alighieri

Name - Donatello Alighieri


Deed Names - Shadow Pouncer

Tribe - Pumonca

Pyrio - Daylight

Rank - Tekhmet

Breed - Homid

Notable Traits - Donatello stands at six foot three. His wavy dark black hair falls around the back of his broad, gorgeous face, resting at his shoulders, though it's sometimes kept in a ponytail. His skin tone and eyes betray his mixed Mediterranean/Native American heritage. His sharp, chiseled features are warm and masculine while his lips curl in a sinfully delicious smile. His icy blue eyes seem predatory and hungry. He tends to walk with a predatory lope. His body is usually clad in a long black trench coat, a Ralph Lauren black or gray turtleneck (which does little to hide his trim, athletic figure) and black slacks or gray slacks, his boots are black leather with skull and crossbones buckles. When he speaks it's with a low bass rumble. When at home, he can be found wearing period 1840's garb.

He's known in the Midwest as a rock singer and guitarist, but recently came to the east coast to seek a larger fan base (Fame 3).

==Information known to the Nation==

He's rumored to have a past relationship with Fukiko Parr, but it's unclear as to what.

Pack - Ha ha… you're kidding, right?

Donatello owns a music and goth clothing store in town called Dante's Inferno (Where things are hot, dark, and sinful).

== Rumors ==
Was a mate with Fukiko Parr at one point, but neither talk about it.
Donatello is the son of a Black Fury kinfolk and a Pumonca.
Donatello hunts vampires in his spare time from his secret bases inside his store, Dante's Inferno.
Donatello is actually a feline born Pumonca who Selene blessed with the ability to sleep as a human.


1. Bob Dylan - Times They Are a Changing (3:12)
2. Bon Jovi - Bed Of Roses (6:33)
3. Seether - Broken (acoustic) (2:51)
4. Matchbox 20 - Push (3:58)
5. The Goo Goo Dolls - Iris ( acoustic ) (3:24)
6. Stone Sour - Through Glass (4:43)
7. Mr Big - To Be With You (3:27)
8. Stone Sour - Bother (4:00)
9. Stevie Ray Vaughn - Pride And Joy (3:40)
10. Sting - Shape of my Heart (4:36)
11. Lynard Skynard - Sweet Home Alabama (5:00)
12. The Loving Spoonful - What A Day For A Daydream (2:21)
13. Nickelback - Savin' Me (3:39)
14. Green Day - Good Riddance (Time of your Life) (2:34)
15. Tennessee Ernie Williams - 16 Tons (4:32)
16. Everlast & Carlos Santana - Turn Your Lights On (4:44)
17. Shinedown - Breaking Inside (3:51)

==OOC Information==

Player - Rick Starkweather II

Location - Peoria, IL

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