Character Creation

All players will be allowed a max of 3 PCs in play at a time. Monthly experiance of 6 points will be awarded on the first of the month


Characters will be made using the Minds Eye Theater rules set. Grapevine files are preffered format.

** The ST is not accepting any Fera PCs at this time**

1. Concept
2. Nature and Demeanor
3. Breed and Auspice
4. Tribe (cubs don't get this)
5. Attributes (7/5/3) Max by rank (7/5/3) for Mortals Max 9 (7/5/3) for Kin Max 10
6. Abilities 5
7. Gifts 3 for Shifters that are not cubs, cubs get 2 (Breed and Auspice only)
8. Backgrounds and Influences 5 total.
9. Renown Each shifter only gets the permanent renown needed to just get that rank.
10. Rage Based on Auspice
11. Gnosis Based on Breed
12. Willpower Based on Tribe (if no tribe then you start at 1)
13. Neg Traits, Flaws, and Derangements up to 5 max neg traits, 7pts of flaws , 5 max derangement
14. Merits up to 7pts of merits

30xp Base with 5 Lores (except Cubs)
Cub - +0 lores
Rank 1: +1 Garou Lore
Rank 2: +2 Garou Lore
Rank 3: +3 Garou Lore (limited numbers)
Rank 4: +4 Garou Lore (very limited numbers)

Approved Resourse material

  • MET Laws of the Wild
  • Tribe Books
  • Breed Books
  • Kinfolk - Unsung Heros
  • Werewolf Apocolyps - core book

** The ST reserves the right to deny any part or whole of a character for any reason**



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