Caern Lore

Caern Lore:
The Ability Caern Lore covers a studious knowledge of caerns and the septs that protect them. Character with this Ability are familiar with the powers that can manifest within a caern, what form of spirits are normally attracted to them, and what tribes most often claim them as well.

Caern Lore Level One: You know the structure of caerns and how septs form within and without.

Caern Lore Level Two: You are familiar with the varieties of caerns and their spirits.

Caern Lore Level Three: You are aware of the tribes that covet
caerns of certain spiritual power, and perhaps some of the histories as well.

Caern Lore Level Four: You are well-versed in the histories of most of the more powerful caerns and all of the commonly spoke of caerns as well.

Caern Lore Level Five: You know of caerns as if you have lived there your entire life.

Caern Lore Level Six: You know several secrets of caerns, perhaps including lost rites and caerns types of the other Changing Breeds

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