Name - Ben

Deed Names - Party Foul, Fae-Favored

Tribe - Uktena

Auspice - Galliard

Rank - Adren

Breed - Metis

Notable Traits - In the Umbra, there is a strange green, earthy glow on Ben's face that looks like tears, streaming down from his eyes and down his chin, but they do not fall off. The green glow shimmers like water flowing. In all forms, and in the real world as well as in the Umbra, Ben has a checkerboard pattern birthmark that goes from finger tip to shoulder. The squares are .5" to a side and in any form with fur, are exposed as furless patches with the reddish-purple color of the skin uncovered.

Appears to be in his early 20s/late teens.

Pack - None yet

==Information known to the Nation==


* It is rumored and believed that one of his parents was a Red Talon and one was an Uktena.

Rites and Challenges



* What's on your mind?

== Rumors ==

* He is Wyld touched


==OOC Information==

Player - Bullbound

Location - Florida

Contact info - moc.oohay|apmatnuobllub#moc.oohay|apmatnuobllub

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