Awakened Lore

Awakened Lore 1: Curious Bystander

* Magic reflects the mage's desires, imposed on the world.
* There are different factions of Mages that are warring with each other.
* Knows that magic is divided into different Spheres.
* Knows that obvious use of magic can have unexplainable side effects.
* Knows that non-mages are called Sleepers.
* Might have heard of insane Mages.
* Knows that you should stay away from Nephandi.

Awakened Lore 2: Fringe Sorcerer

* Knows that the Technocracy wants to abolish all magic.
* Knows that Marauders are insane Mages.
* Might have some rough knowledge of what the different Traditions are.
* Might have heard of Quiet.
* Knows that Nephandi are a sect of demon worshipers.
* Knows that there are 9 Traditions with different types of magic.
* Believes that foci are critical tools to manipulating reality.
* Might have heard the phrase Consensual Reality.
* Knows of the Rule of Shade.
* Might have heard oblique references to something called Ascension.
* Knows that the Awakened recently suffered some devastating event.
* Has a good general idea of what the different spheres encompass.
* Has heard of some of the different Protocols.
* Has heard of Quintessence, Tass, and possibly other specific terms.
* Might have heard of different types of magic (static and dynamic)
* Might have heard rumours that if magic is possible, other creatures may haunt the night as well.
* Has heard some of the horror stories relating to their side of the Ascension War.

Awakened Lore 3: Mage's Consort

* Knows that the Avatar is what makes a Mage truly Awakened.
* Understands the difference between Vulgar and Coincidental Magic.
* Knows the names, descriptions, and sphere associations of the 9 Traditions;
* Can describe the 9 spheres and their functions.
* Knows what their own spheres are capable of at Intermediate levels.
* Has heard of the Avatar Storm and disappearance of the Masters and Archmages.
* Can name a Convention or two.
* Knows how Resonance can hinder or help a Mage's magic.
* Knows that the Concensus determines what's vulgar and what isn't.
* Knows all of the Protocols.
* Has heard that the Technocracy was once called the Order of Reason.
* Has a rough knowledge of the history of the Ascension War.
* Knows that the Nephandi are Mages who have sold their souls to demons.
* Knows why one's paradigm is critical to how one performs magic.
* Knows that there are different planes of reality.
* Knows that the Metaphysical Trinity is composed of the forces of Stasis, Dynamism, and Entropy.

Awakened Lore 4: Paranoid Hedgewizard

* Knows the difference between static and dynamic magic. (I.E. between hedge mages and true mages.)
* Knows what their own spheres are capable of at the Advanced level;
* Has at least anecdotal knowledge of what many Master-level spheres are capable of;
* Has a passing knowledge of Linear magic;
* Can name several Conventions, and is familiar with legends of Marauders and Nephandi;
* Can point to some of the differences between pre and post-Storm political structures in the Traditions.
* Has detailed knowledge of the Protocols of the Council;
* Has a notion of what Oracles and Ascension may represent.
* Has heard rumors of how some of the other semi-awakened beings view mages.
* Knows the truth behind some of the horror stories of the Technocracy.
* Knows the difference between a Construct and a Cabal.
* Has heard of some of the Shard Realms of the Umbra.
* Knows which of the Trinity different factions of Mages might be associated with.
* Knows of a famous Chantry or two (Doissetep, Horizon).

Awakened Lore 5: Edge of Awakening

* Has heard of a few Crafts;
* Knows the difference between Linear magic and Dynamic Magick;
* Is familiar with Technocracy structure and tactics;
* Knows the Mythic Ages can never be brought back;
* Can describe several Horizon Realm Chantries and a few of the more (in)famous Constructs.
* Likely to be or have been a major player in the Ascension War
* Has some information on what Archmages, Exemplars, and Oracles were capable of.
* Knows that the Traditions and the Technocracy are working towards similar goals, in different ways.

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