• Annie Gallentiev
  • Annie Frankner

Creature Type: Kinfolk

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Bonegnawer

Titles: None


Character Description:

Annie is attractive with numerous piercings including tongue, eyebrow, labret, and navel and a nice engagement ring. Her hair is brown. Her figure is slender but with some newly added curves.

Typical Outfit:

Annie wears a pair of loose jeans with a light weight pink tank. She wears comfortable tennis shoes and a zip-up dark grey hoodie when it is chilly out. She carries a plain messenger bag diagonally across her body filled with drawing supplies and snacks.


  • Annie knows nothing of her birth family and was in foster care until she ran away.
  • [[Mickhail Gallentiev]], Hits like a Hammer, Bringer of the Light, Silver Fang Fostern Philodox

** Annie's mate as well as the father of her babies
** Mickhail was reported dead shortly after Annie got pregnant

  • Annie's Twins (born June 18, 2009) (waning crescent moon)

** The twins are a normal size for their age despite Mickhail's size and their features are a blend of Annie's and Mickhail's features.
** Alex aka Aleksandr (older by about 15 minutes)
* Aleksandr Gallentiev
Lara aka Larisa Marina (younger by about 15 minutes)
*** Larisa Marina Gallentiev

=Common Knowledge=

  • Annie was living on the streets before coming to the Sept of the Crosswinds.
  • Annie really dislikes violence to the point of having run away from it on occasion.
  • Annie dislikes cigarettes beyond a distaste, possibly even being afraid of them.
  • Annie though a Bonegnawer kinfolk became pregnant with the children of Mickhail Gallentiev, a Silver Fang.
  • Many did not approve of Annie and Mickhail Gallentiev being mates or engaged.
  • Annie was attacked and received death threats because of her and Mickhail Gallentiev's relationship.
  • Mirela Devetzi hates Annie and went balistic when she found out that Annie was pregnant with Mickhail's child.
  • Jason of the Bonegnawer Tribe threatend to kill Annie and give her babies to the Black Furries.
  • Annie was taken during a BSD attack late at night on February 6, 2009.
  • Annie showed a degree of sympathy for her BSD captors.


  • Annie had been abused by foster parents prior to coming to a Garou sept.
  • Annie claimes she was Mickhail Gallentiev mate before he even met Mirela.
  • Annie was abused by more than one of the Silver Fang tribe because of her relationship with Mickhail.
  • Maevalyn Gallentiev physically attacked Annie in front of the sept.
  • Jason was the only Bonegnawer Annie did not get along with.
  • When Annie was taken by BSD's she was a slave to them in many ways that are just not want to be thought of.
  • Dayla of the Bonegnawer Tribe went to rescue Annie and was captured herself and then joined the BSDs.
  • Annie sympathized with her captors.
  • The true father of her children is a BSD
  • She helped in the execution of her 'mate' Mickhail Gallentiev


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