Alexander Renzetti

Name Alexander Renzetti

Tribe Shadow Lords

Rank N/A

Breed Human Kin

Notable Traits Standing a hair over 6'0", Alexander is a strongly built man, with wide shoulders, a strong jaw, and close military-cut dark brown hair. His eyes are a steely-grey/blue color, often with an intense fire seeming to burn right behind the pupils. He always seems hyper-vigilant, and carries himself with a military professionalism. There is a subtle wild look to him, and his Shadow Lord heritage is apparent in his face, eyes, and build. (3 appearance related traits, Feral Appearance merit, Pure Breed Shadow Lord x2)

Pack N/A

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family

  • Mate: Fukiko Parr
  • Son: Alexander Renzetti Jr (Born June 9th 2011)
  • Father: Unknown
  • Mother: Elizabetta Renzetti

Rites and Chalenges


==Common Knowledge==



==Known Character History==

==Character Inspiration and Soundtrack==

==OOC Information==

Player Krispy

Location UMD

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