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This is the wiki for the online troupe roleplaying game Nansemond's Heart. Information found here concerns fictional places and characters. Please do not take anything you read here as anything other than fiction! We play on IRC, our out of character room is #NH-OOC.

Channels are

  • #NH-OOC the out of character room
  • #NH-Bawn
  • #NH-Beach
  • #Barlowe-Manor (Silver Fang Esate)
  • #killbox for challenges

Players new and old - take a look at our characters at NH Characters Add a page for your own or amend the existing one!

A template for making your own character information page can be found at Character Page Template

For general information on the tribes and other lores Garou Information

For new players and characters please look at the Character Creation page.

If you would like to learn more about the game, try the VSS and Setting page or find out where you want to be amongst our IRC on the Darkmyst server.

For a good bit of humor or just to see how insane we realy are visit the NH Quotes page.

If any player has difficulty accessing the site or game related questions, please contact the Storyteller Ria at moc.liamg|traehsdnomesnantsv#moc.liamg|traehsdnomesnantsv or the AST Krispy on IRC in the OOC channels. Thank you…

House Rules

1. The ST is not wrong

2. If the ST is wrong, revert to rule 1

3. Stop assuming that what you know is right.

4. Everything you say WILL be used against you, so watch what you say.

The Peanut Gallery:)

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